• eat

    Real food. Lots of veggies. Some fruits. Meat, game, fish, fowl, eggs. Nuts, berries, & seeds. Healthy fat. When you’re hungry.

  • sleep

    7-9 hours per night. In the dark. In a cool room. Away from electronics. In sync with the sun.

  • move

    At a slow to moderate pace daily. At a sprint once in while. Heavy things. Just for the fun of it.

  • repeat

    Daily until it becomes habit. For a lifetime.

  • What is Eat Sleep Move Repeat?

    Eat Sleep Move Repeat is a blog and website dedicated to helping your live your healthiest, most fulfilling life. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight, battling chronic illness, or simply falling short of your daily potential, there some very simple habits, that when executed properly, can leverage your natural genetic expression of health.

    We focus on eating, sleeping, and movement simply because these are the activities that predominate most of our lives and that collectively have the greatest potential impact on our health. Tweaking these habits is one of the quickest, easiest ways to turn your health around. And the best news is, it takes no special skills. You don’t need to be an athlete. You don’t need to be an expert in nutrition. If you can read a recipe, follow simple instruction, and have the will to change, you have everything you need to turn your life around.


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  • A Quick Clean-Up to Your Diet

    Discover the 3 things in your kitchen that are wreaking havoc on your cells and putting the brakes on your weight loss, and what you can do about it.

  • Easy Tips to Optimize Your Sleep

    These 3 simple changes to your bedtime routine will put your mind and body in the right state and have you sleeping like a baby.

  • A Little Movement Goes a Long Way

    Learn 3 easy ways to work more movement into your daily routine without feeling obligated to get to the gym.

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I've Been Where You Are...And I'll Never Go Back!

Primal Health Coach

A bit about me...

My name is Dr. Joe Tsai. (Pronounced "chai", like the tea.) Although I have some letters after my name, I like to think of myself as a normal guy. I love the outdoors and working out. I enjoy trying new foods and meeting new people.  I cherish time with my family and our little menagerie of pets. I guess you could say I'm just your ordinary Joe. Except that I'm not. Not anymore.

I witness ordinary every day. Ordinary is a grandmother grazing daily on a buffet of prescription meds that I'm convinced took her life. Ordinary is losing a mother to cancer and a father to heart disease.  Ordinary is watching people give up activities they once loved to poor health, and setting their kids on the same trajectory. I'm not willing to settle for ordinary. You shouldn't be either.

My path to abundant health was as convoluted as anyone's. (I'll spare you the details, but if you're interested in more of my back story you can read it here.) Let's just say that my idea of a balanced meal was a bag of Doritos in one hand and a carton of Nestle's Quik in the other.

I never fully appreciated the impact of my food and lifestyle choices until they started to negatively affect my health and physical performance.  I dedicated several years of my life to diving deep into the study of health and wellness.  I worked daily to change my life's direction and shape a new future for myself and my family.  Now my mission is to help you do the same.

Is It Really as Simple as Changing a Few Habits?

Yes and no. Living a vibrant life inside a healthy body isn't really that complex. People who tend to complicate things for you are either misinformed or have something to sell. For the most part, the body functions best on a small set of fundamental principles. Always has, always will. Respect those principles with regularity and you can create incredible health. Ignore those principles and things tend to fall apart quickly. But while the concepts might be simple, putting them into action is the part that takes some guidance. That's where I come in.

If you're ready to change your life, scroll down to learn more about our coaching programs and to see which one is the best fit for you.

why a primal approach?

Because That's the Way Your Body Wants It

Primal. Paleo. Wild. Natural. Call it what you want. It all boils down to eating and living in a manner consistent with your genetic expression. Your body is amazingly efficient at utilizing high quality nutrients derived from the right sources. Back when we actually hunted down game and foraged off the land, we were infinitely healthier than we are today. This is simply because your body thrives on real food properly prepared.  

The primal approach incorporates these ancient practices with a modern twist.

Most people come to find that adopting a primal lifestyle is way easier than they anticipated. After all, you're already eating, sleeping, and moving to some degree. Let's just make sure you're going about it the right way.

These Are Just Some of the Things Clients Have Experienced After Going Primal


I started seeing Dr. Tsai for chiropractic adjustments with very good results.  But I knew the next piece of the puzzle was weight loss and eating right.

I seriously thought about joining Weight Watchers AGAIN, but I never had lasting success with the program.  One on one coaching with Dr. Tsai is invaluable. I’m not sitting in a room with other dieters.

I knew there would be a learning curve, but I was ready to make the necessary changes. All changes are a little hard at first, but the program itself is easy.

The only way to describe it is the weight just fell off. I felt satisfied when I ate. I didn’t have to fight cravings, they were gone. I never had that feeling of always being hungry. My energy level is through the roof! My mental outlook is better. The desire to go back to my old eating habits is gone. I feel like I finally found the lifestyle I was looking for. I feel healthy.

At my age, I thought the weight loss would take about a year. It surprised me that it didn’t take long at all. At age 66 I want to live out the rest of my years in the best health possible, and Primal eating is helping me do that.

All I can say is try it. The program works. You won’t be disappointed.


"I’ve battled belly fat most of my life. My strategy was usually to try to power through it - bust my butt working out and take whatever improvement I could get. My results were spotty at best until I met Dr. Tsai. Right from the start he understood exactly what I was going through and how to help me make some positive changes. He was invaluable in helping me finally shed body fat and keep it off. Not only did he help me lose weight and get more fit, but he gave me the knowledge and understanding to sustain it for the long haul.  I feel younger, healthier, and more alive than I ever have before. I finally feel like I’m in control of my own health."


So What Will Your Primal Coaching Look Like?


Life coaching from a Primal approach. You'll learn how to optimize not only your food, but also your daily activities to leverage your genetic expression for natural health.

Simple, actionable steps to break free of your limiting habits and beliefs and start shaping a healthy new future.

The ability to fuel your body with more fat and less sugar, making you a more efficient fat-burner.

Applicable resources and reference material.

Positive support and meaningful accountability.

A doctor and health coach with over 2 decades of professional experience and a tenacious drive to help you be your best!


Gimmicky fat-loss drops or pills that set you up for long-term failure.

The flavor-of-the-month fad diet.

Complicated points, containers, blocks, or calorie counting.

Shakes, bars, packaged meals, and other Frankenfoods.

Countless hours in the gym.

An unrealistic quick fix.


It seems so simple. Dr Tsai helps remind me of all the fundamentals that I truly know in my heart:  eat the right things, make time for proper sleep, move a bit, and then repeat.  Concentrating on these base building blocks has helped me live the life I want to lead, and stay off the medication path which only leads to dependence and life long pain. Working with Dr Tsai has helped me lose the extra weight; my blood pressure is down and I am leading my abundant life.

  • Change happens when you invest in yourself.

    Pills, engineered foods, exercise gimmicks. They all take your money and leave you right back where you started. Lasting transformation only happens when you empower yourself from the inside out.

    All of my coaching programs are personalized, 1-on-1 sessions conducted either in person or via Skype/phone. Coaching consists of weekly meetings as well as unlimited text and email support. Long-term goals and challenges will be discussed, as well as weekly milestones. We will implement a flexible framework that will be adaptable to your individual pace and progress. Ultimately, the goal is to shift the balance of power to you, so that you have what it takes to live out the long, healthy life you deserve.

Ready to Make Some Positive Life Changes?

Our partnership begins with a Complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call.  The purpose of this call is to determine whether or not we're a good fit for one another based on a specific set of criteria.  I wouldn't ask you to trust me without first getting to know me a little. And I would never claim to be able to help you without first discovering some of your health history, goals, commitment level, etc.


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  • Is hourly coaching a better fit for you?

    While the above plans are the optimal choice for just about anyone looking for improved health and body composition, we also offer more individualized coaching and “one-off” sessions.  These sessions are available at a rate of $75/hr.

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  • What to Expect From Your Discovery Call

    When you click the button above, you will be redirected to a scheduling page.  You are given the option to schedule a discovery call only, or if you’re ready, to jump right into one of my coaching programs.  In either case, any of my potential coaching relationships starts with a discovery call.  The discovery call lets us get to know one another.  It is an opportunity to discuss your health goals, current challenges, special concerns, etc.  If after talking you would like to proceed with coaching, we’ll get right to work on getting you healthy.  If you decide you’re not yet ready to jump on board, that’s fine, too.  See you on the inside!